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Wire Harness Processing Technology

The production of the wire harness first requires drawing a CAD drawing, and then producing it according to the technological process. The drawing of CAD drawings directly affects the subsequent mass production. Therefore, the convenience of production and the economy of cost must be considered when drawing drawings, and the work difference should be enlarged as much as possible while meeting customer requirements, which can facilitate subsequent operations. After the drawing of the two-dimensional product of the wiring harness for sale comes out, the production of the wiring harness must be arranged. Process, process is inseparable from production, so the two are combined together for analysis.

Open wire process

Wire opening is the first station in the production of wire harness & cable assembly manufacturing. The accuracy of the wire-opening process is directly related to the entire production schedule. Once errors occur, especially if the wire-opening size is too short, it will lead to the rework of all stations, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and affects production efficiency. Therefore, when compiling the wire-opening process, the wire-opening size and the size of the stripping head must be reasonably determined according to the requirements of the drawings. Most important open line must confirm the model and specification of the outgoing line, make the operation manual for opening the line, and make the process tracking card.

Crimping process

In the second production station, after the wire is opened, the crimping parameters are determined according to the terminal type required by the drawing, and the crimping operation manual is produced. For those with special requirements, it is necessary to indicate on the process document and train the operator. For example, some wires need to pass through the sheath before they can be crimped. It needs to pre-install the wire and then return from the pre-installation station to be crimped; there are also special crimping tools used for piercing crimping. This crimping method has good electrical contact performance. However, after crimping, a tensile test must be performed on the crimped first piece. to ensure that the tension requirements are met.

Pre-installation process

In the preparation of the pre-assembly process operation manual, to improve the efficiency of the harness cable assembly, the complex wiring harness must be set up with a pre-assembly station. The rationality of the pre-assembly process directly affects the efficiency of the total assembly and also reflects the technical level of a craftsman. If the pre-assembled part is too small or the wire path of the assembly is unreasonable, it will increase the workload of the general assembly personnel and slow down the speed of the assembly line. Therefore, the craftsmen should always stay on the site and constantly summarize their experience, so as to compile a reasonable production. craft. For products with special transportation requirements, the safety of packaging must be considered. For example, products shipped by sea must consider moisture-proof and anti-corrosion.

Wire harness assembly process

According to the assembly platen designed by the product development department, design tooling equipment, material box specifications and dimensions, and paste the numbers of all assembly sheaths and accessories on the material box to improve assembly efficiency. Compile the assembly content and requirements of each station, balance the entire assembly station to prevent a bit of excessive workload and pull down the speed of the entire assembly line. To achieve station balance, the craftsmen must be familiar with each operation measure the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time. The wiring harness process also includes the preparation of material consumption quota schedules, man-hour calculations, worker training, etc. This process is critical for a variety of products including wheelchair lift wiring harness, wire harness for refrigerator, pcb wiring harness, and overall cable assemblies in China.

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