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PCB Power Wire Harness

The circuit board power harness is a wire connecting AC power supply to PCB. Generally, it has only positive and negative poles, usually consisting of red and black wires. One end is directly welded to PCB, and the other end is mostly U-shaped or O-shaped connection terminal or quick plug terminal, or there are terminals at both ends.

PCB POWER Wire Harness Features

Stable Power Supply

UL1015 series wire, high temperature resistance, suitable for long time power supply; 

TE Fast Connection Terminal

TE fast connection terminal, easy to plug and unplug;

Wire End Dip Tin Treatment

Wire end dip tin treatment, conducive to manufacturers welding; 

Cold Pressing is O/U Type Terminal

Cold pressing is O/U type terminal and this kind of PCB wire harness is more convenient and fast. 

Applications of PCB Power Wire Harness

  • UL1015-18 awg wires

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