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Types of Aeroplane Wire Harness

Drone Wire Harness

Drone Wire Harness

26AWG-22AWG Application: Remote receiver, steering gear, flight control, etc. Wire specification: 26AWG-22AWG.

The Features of Custom Aircraft Wiring Harness

A custom aircraft wiring harness is a crucial component of an aircraft's electrical systems. The aeroplane wire harness is created through aircraft wire harness fabrication, which involves fabrication, assembly, and testing. Custom aircraft wiring harness uses thick and durable wires to reduce weight, and they employ materials such as copper and silver-plated copper. The harness also features custom connectors and amperage limits are built into the design to ensure each component gets the proper amount of power. The design of the custom wiring harness is done to ensure the longevity of the electrical components, and it is also optimized for flexibility.

The Functions of Aeroplane Wire Harness

  • Temperature range -60℃- +200℃; 

  • The wire adopts oxygen-free copper wire, which has better softness due to its fine diameter. 

  • Silica gel wire has excellent high temperature resistance, so that the silica gel wire can withstand large current for a long time. 

  • The product passes UL VW-1 vertical flame retardant test and has Rohs test report. 

  • Strict production technology, every process of the product through visual inspection, optical measurement, conduction test, 100% qualified.

Custom Aircraft Wiring Harness FAQs

What are the benefits of custom aircraft wiring harnesses?

Custom aircraft wiring harnesses provide benefits such as improved durability, cost savings, more flexibility in design and options for customizing components.

How is aircraft wire harness fabrication carried out?

Aircraft wire harness fabrication is typically carried out using techniques such as crimping, soldering, connecting and soldering wires, and attaching connectors.

What should you consider when choosing a custom aircraft wiring harness?

When choosing a custom aircraft wiring harness, considerations should include compatibility with the aircraft, compliance with safety regulations, and cost.

How can a custom aircraft wiring harness be installed?

Custom aircraft wiring harnesses can be installed using specialized tools and techniques such as routing, securing and stress testing to ensure safe and secure installation.

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