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watermeter ammeter wire harness assembly
watermeter ammeter wire harness wire

Watermeter/Ammeter Wire Harness

Water and electricity meter data acquisition wire harness is a wire group that transmits the running data of water and electricity meter to the meter reader to collect and control the usage of water and electricity.

Watermeter/Ammeter Wire Harness Features

Waterproof And Flame Retardant Adjustable

Connectors do waterproof treatment;  Materials are flame retardant materials;  Adjust cable length according to site requirement. 

Big Brand Connector

This type of industrial control cable uses big brand connectors to ensure accurate signal delivery.

Applications of Watermeter/Ammeter Wire Harness

  • RS485 interface

  • UL2464 series cables 

  • JST brand EL series connector

  • TE187 terminal 

  • 4.2 O terminals

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