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Industrial Microphone Cable

The industrial microphone connection line is also called kannon female head to 6.35 male microphone connection line, is connected to stage sound, public broadcasting, conference system, industrial and mining loudspeakers and other wired microphone audio cable.

Industrial Microphone Cable Features

  • Heavy duty parts.

  • Advanced anaerobic copper (OFC) for EMI and RFI suppression and flexibility.

  • Durable and flexible PVC outer sheath, beautiful appearance, resistant to pulling.

  • This sort of China cable assemblies is wrapped in cotton to reduce noise.

Less Interference
  • Inner foil shielding layer, reduce interference, better fidelity.

  • Gold plated reinforced male plug provides quality sound with minimal interference.

  • Low loss 98.5% spiral wound copper braided shield provides maximum buzz and noise cancellation.

Great Performance
  • 4N oxygen-free copper conductor is encased in a bare copper braided shield to provide pure sound without noise.

  • Gold plated provides excellent signal transmission and sound reproduction.

Applications of Industrial Microphone Cable

  • Material: zinc alloy plug, shielded cable RJ45 crystal head.

  • Features: zinc alloy shell plug, beautiful and durable, fully balanced connection mode, parallel output.  Shielded wire, good transmission effect.

  • Core material: High purity oxygen-free copper core (OFC).

  • Wire structure: 22AWG, composed of 1 (28*0.1) oxygen-free all-copper core wire + anti-tension fiber +96 all-copper shielding net, OD: 6.0mm ultra-soft PVC skin + braided.

  • Features: OEM can be customized according to customer requirements.

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