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Key Points for Quality Control of Industrial Cable Harnesses

Industrial cable harness quality control requires stronger execution

Quality is designed and manufactured, but inspection methods are essential. Without the implementation and landing of inspection methods, design documents are just a piece of paper and the manufacturing process will have no rules. We know that the early introduction of quality goals is imported by the project host, such as drawings, technical agreements, quality agreements, and other requirements. But even the best quality documents will be meaningless without execution. Industrial cable harness products have the characteristics of a large proportion of manual processes, long product development cycles, complex circuits, and many sub-parts. There are many changes in harness products from design to manufacturing, and the impact of human factors accounts for a large proportion.

Several key points must be grasped to effectively implement industrial cable harness quality in actual production

The first is to attach great importance to leadership and set an example for all employees to participate. The second is to strengthen employee training and improve employee quality. First of all, the education of the "quality first" concept can begin, and a strong quality consciousness can be formed in the minds of company employees, which will prompt this consciousness to be reflected in the work of each employee. This awareness is a willpower that consciously guarantees the quality of corporate products, work quality and service quality. The third is to strengthen inspection and communication during the execution process of industrial cable harness quality. Mainly, relevant department leaders communicate with each other, and then submit the results to management for review, and timely modify and improve the procedural documents to make the work documentized and standardized; then strengthen internal audits and strictly follow the company's relevant regulations.

For example, if the company's production department regards the completion of plans as an important work, during the execution process of industrial cable harness quality, verification through inspection is required to see if the requirements are met. For example, the former engineering team leader checked that the execution was inadequate and the first batch was not done, resulting in a batch accident. If the team leader follows the system requirements for the first batch on every order, and the supervisor supervises it, similar problems will be avoided. Management is not one-way or a one-way street, but a two-way street. Leaders demand from subordinates and subordinates should provide feedback to leaders. This way, we can understand the progress of work and solve problems in a timely manner. Inspection and communication enable our execution to be effectively controlled, pushing the management level as a closed loop of management.

In summary, in the process of quality management, industrial cable harnesses must have good execution to achieve quality management goals. The management level must start from the beginning, take the lead in actively participating, set an example, and vigorously implement quality management plans. Continuously execute and improve, so that quality management can truly be implemented rather than just a flash in the pan. Secondly, responsibilities, rights, and benefits should be clearly defined. The power and interests that managers at different levels possess should be closely related to the responsibilities they undertake. In the process of quality management, every department and every person should have a deep understanding of what should be done to achieve quality standards, strengthen process monitoring and management, ensure process control, ensure the effective operation of the quality management system, and continue to improve.

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