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Types of Equipment Wiring Harness

Backup Camera Wiring Harness

Backup Camera Wiring Harness

Holly Backup Camera Wiring Harness is a custom wire harness. The whole line is machined by the whole winding and has a good anti-interference effect. Soft and atmospheric appearance.
3D Printer Wiring Harness

3D Printer Wiring Harness

Holly 3D Drag chain of cable is a highly flexible cable, which can move as the Drag chain moves back and forth, with an overall aesthetic effect.

The Functions of Equipment Wiring Harness

  • Product characteristics: Wear-resistant, oil-resistant, good elasticity, flame retardant, temperature resistant, not easy to break. 

  • The difference between towline and ordinary cable is that towline is a highly flexible cable. Usually, the high flexible cable is placed in the cable towline, which plays a protective role to prevent the cable from wearing, scattering or entanglement. This machinery wiring harness can move with the towline moving back and forth and plays an overall aesthetic role. 

  • The equipment wire harness includes 3D printed wiring harness and backup camera wiring harness, which is made of custom special 28AWG silicone wire. After cutting, crimping, welding, and transparent heat shrinkable tube tightening and strengthening. The contact performance of the connecting terminal is ensured.

Hot Questions Of Equipment Wiring Harness

What are the parts of the equipment wiring harness?
  • Connectors.

  • Terminals.

  • locks.

  • Wires.

  • Cables.

  • Outer coverings.

Can good equipment wiring harness improve the efficiency of equipment?

The equipment wiring harness is basically custom. The equipment wiring harness class requirements are more stringent, one of the most important requirements is the stability of the product, and the choice of cables, connectors, and accessories are industrial requirements, a set of good quality and process of industrial wiring harness can effectively reduce the failure rate of the equipment, reduce the cost of generation, improve the efficiency of equipment, visible its importance.

What are the types of equipment wiring harness?
  • PVC.

  • Vinyl.

  • Thermoplastic elastomer.

  • Polyurethane.

  • Polyethylene.

What materials are used in a equipment wiring harness?

The widely used conductor for manufacturing the equipment wiring harness is Copper, due to its height. Conductivity. However, it is usually coated with a suitable material due to the fact that it is liable to corrosion when exposed to the ambiance.

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