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What is the Production Standard for Automotive Wire Harness Processing?

The application fields of automotive wire harnesses are very extensive, and in different application fields, their production standards are also different, including: specifications, material and thickness of automotive wire harness processing, and so on. At present, the decoration of automobiles is more and more used, and its role is becoming more and more important. Therefore, there are some automotive wire harnesses specially produced for the automotive industry. What are the production standards for vehicle wiring harness processing in the automotive industry?

1. Formal automotive wire harness material processing

The insulating rubber is made of new anti-oxidative PVC material, and the core conductor is made of oxygen-free copper, silver-plated copper, or tin-plated copper, which is carefully crafted with precision equipment.

2. The heat resistance and insulation of high-quality automotive wire harness materials are very good

And the core conductor is seven-strand twisted or braided, so that it can have enough density to reduce the capacitance, resistance and inductance of the automotive wire harness material, so it can output enough current.

Because of the temptation of automobile wiring harnesses, there are some informal manufacturers whose insulating rubbers use recycled PVC plastics, while the core conductors use recycled copper, or steel wires, recycled copper, copper-clad aluminum, etc. , and some use a mixture of these materials. Most consumers know that compared with oxygen-free copper, these conductors have much larger internal resistance and larger voltage drop, which is harmful to 12V automotive power supplies.

3. Judge the quality of automotive wire harness material processing

Not only its appearance and size, but more importantly, the quality and thickness of the copper core in the wiring harness for auto parts. Because some automotive wire harness processing makes the rubber thicker, while the copper core inside is made thinner, the two are not proportional, so it must be confirmed by the size of the cut surface of the copper core.

The auto parts wiring harness is a bit picky about the material, especially the automotive wire harness. This automotive wire harness is a relatively important connector for connecting the internal equipment of the car. Therefore, without the wiring harness, it is impossible for the car to walk on the road. However, the wiring harness made of good materials has an important effect on the internal use of the car equipment and the safety of the wiring harness.

Auto parts wiring harnesses made by cable and harness manufacturers also have very strict requirements on materials, including their electrical properties, material emission, temperature resistance, etc. All of the above are higher than the general wiring harness requirements, especially those involving safety: such as directional control systems, The wiring harness of these important components of the brake has more stringent requirements. Detailed explanation of the function corresponding to the wire connection of the wire harness color. When selecting the wire color, we should make an overall arrangement for the wire color of the whole car. Among them, the regular grounding system uses one color. Generally, the white and black two-color wire can be used as the grounding wire. The color of other electrical wires should avoid the appearance of the same color of the same standard wire.

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