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Types of Automotive Cable

Refrigerated Truck Cable

Refrigerated Truck Cable

The refrigerator refrigerator refrigeration system wire harness assembly is a complete wire harness system, which is powered by the truck engine to the onboard refrigerator and provides the sensor switch to control the refrigerator operation.

Vehicle Cable Design

Automotive wire such as refrigerated truck cable made by truck wiring harness manufacturers, is a flexible wire with stranded conductors used in low voltage automotive systems. Conductor materials can be copper or aluminum, although Holly sells car wires as multi-ply copper-core PVC wires because they have better durability and current capacity.

Hot Questions Of Vehicle Cable

What type of cable does the car use?

The most typical types of conductors used in most automotive applications are automotive crosslinked conductors and automotive primary conductors.  General high temperature automotive wiring is ideal for hard-to-install areas under hoods.

What size cables are used in cars?

The most common wire gauge sizes for automotive applications include 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, and 8.

What are car cables?

These are used in car lighting, signalling and car dashboard circuits.  According to JASO D611, we provide AV, AVS and AVSS cables mainly for automotive wiring harnesses.

What kind of wire is best for cars?

Standard automotive primary wire for 18 specifications.  This is suitable for signal lines, but not for high current applications.  If you replace that wire with a size 18 wire, it could cause a fire.  Instead, you need to match the original wiring size.

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