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Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Military & Aerospace Industry

As one of the leading military cable assembly manufacturers in China, Holly Electronics provides quality custom military cable harness and aircraft wire harness assembly.

Application: Remote control receiver, steering gear, flight control, etc.  

Features: soft, easy to operate, reliable connection

Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Military & Aerospace Industry

Importance of Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Military & Aerospace Industry

  • Holly electronic UAV wire harness has an excellent aircraft wire harness fabrication, using TYCO (TE) and Amass special plug connector to ensure the reliability of machine connection

  • The signal line uses extremely fine Teflon wire and high-performance magnetic ring to effectively filter the interference of external electromagnetic to the signal 

  • The charging power harness made by Hollly who is specialized in wire harness & cable assembly manufacturing, adopts super soft silica gel large square wire, which has a wide temperature resistance range and is easy to install so that the overall spatial distribution of the machine is beautiful and reasonable. 

Common Types of Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies Used in Military & Aerospace Industry

Application: Military aerospace UAV wiring harness, UAV steering gear male and female docking wiring harness, UAV aerial photography connecting plate wiring harness, aircraft model LED magnetic ring wiring harness, lithium battery special charging plug wiring harness, aircraft model large current power supply wiring harness, etc.

Aircraft Wiring Harness

Military Steering Gear Extension Cord

Why Choose us as Aerospace Wiring Harness Manufacturer

Cable Assembly & Wire Harness Solutions for the RC plane, Servo Industry

As a leading RC plane wiring harness contract manufacturer, Holly has the capabilities to deliver high quality, high-performance products that meet the strict requirements. We build custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies that match our customers’ exact design specification and specialize in ruggedizing our ISO-compliant components. Our RC plane wire and cable assembly manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Wire Harnesses

  • Cable Assemblies

  • Wire Terminations

  • Wire Marking Services

  • Wire Cutting Services

  • Wire Processing

 With over 17 years’ experience and superior manufacturing capabilities, we can create the perfect products for your unique application.


RC plane Cable Assembly & Wire Harness Design Resources

Our experienced application engineers are available, as needed, to fine-tune your wire harness and cable assembly designs. We will work with you to modify your parts for better manufacturability, faster production, and lower overall cost, without sacrificing quality or functionality.


Manufacturers & Suppliers

Holly works with some of the best and most trusted manufacturers in the industry to ensure that our customers receive the best and highest quality RC plane cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We are ISO compliant, and our production facility is RoHS compliant. All waste material and scrap is recycled, to help us stay as “green” as possible.


Find Out More About Our Applications for RC plane, Servo Cable Assemblies & Wire Harness Solutions

Holly provides complete, turnkey manufacturing for RC plane cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We deliver high quality, high-performance wire and cable solutions for all challenging applications.

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