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liftup wiring harness

Wheelchair Lift Wiring Harness

The wheelchair lift wiring harness is the electric elevator car for paralyzing bedridden patient care through the switch control, to achieve the patient's daily life, toilet, bath harness.

Wheelchair Lift Wiring Harness Features


Because of the high risk and high precision of medical industry, the medical device standard is different from the general device standard.


This medical wire harness uses good big brand raw materials to avoid the occurrence of signal distortion


The processing technology is strictly designed and screened to ensure that the products are fully verified before leaving the factory.


All products have been through the manual inspection, visual inspection, electrical testing, optical testing multi - channel testing procedures.  High safety performance

Applications of Wheelchair Lift Wiring Harness

  • This product switch designed by cable and harness manufacturers uses NIKKAI S-39 high performance shaking head switch, stable performance, durable.  Connector adopts MOLEX brand product, low contact resistance, stable signal transmission.

  • Wire ul1007-16AWG wire, copper wire high precision oxygen-free copper: low resistance, strong electrical conductivity.

  • PVC cover: good wear resistance, oil resistance and elasticity.

Gallery Of Wheelchair Lift Wiring Harness

liftup wiring harness
gallery of liftup wiring harness
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