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3D Printer Wiring Harness

The 3D printer wiring harness produced by Holly Electronics is the assembly of the internal control connecting line of the 3D printer with PVC material as printing material. The 3D printed wiring harness is composed of a switching wire harness, heating pipe harness, main control wire harness, swing arm tow chain wire harness, display wire harness, and so on.

3D Printer Wiring Harness Features

High Quality Towline

High quality chain line using super fine sponge copper wire and flexible plastic custom wire, strong bending resistance.

Big Brand Connector

TE Molex brand connector, high connection stability.

Exquisite Workmanship

This type of machinery wiring harness is also featured by exquisite workmanship. Each wire are made corresponding protection, reasonable structure.

Clear Identification

As one of top cable and harness manufacturers in China, Holly Electronics provides the 3D printer wiring harness that has clear identification. Each end of the connection is marked with heat shrinkable tube jet code, simple connection.

3D Printer Wiring Harness Applications

  • 19mm series metal light switch

  • JFLO JF-15 series tow chain

  • Ul1332-18/14awg wire

  • MOLEX5557 series connector

  • TE high current connection terminal

3D Printer Wiring Harness Benefits

1. Effortless Connectivity: Wiring harnesses simplify connections for motors, heaters, sensors, and control boards, reducing setup confusion and enhancing maintenance.

2. Interference Protection: Well-designed harnesses shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, ensuring reliable signal quality and preventing data corruption.

3. Enhanced Safety: Harnesses prioritize safety with insulation, shielding, and strain relief, minimizing risks of electrical hazards, short circuits, and fires for a safer working environment.

4. Dependable Reliability: Utilizing harnesses ensures stable connections between components, reducing the chance of loose connections or unexpected downtime, and providing long-term reliability.

5. Quick Assembly: Pre-assembled and tested harnesses streamline printer assembly, speeding up manufacturing, reducing errors, and cutting labor costs for improved efficiency.

6. Tailored Customization: Harnesses can be customized to fit specific printer setups and needs, offering adaptability for space constraints, specialized components, or future upgrades.

7. Optimized Performance: By effectively managing power, signals, and temperature, harnesses optimize critical printer parts' performance, ensuring smooth operation and high-quality prints.

Why choose Holly as 3D Printer Wiring Harness Manufacturer?

With over two decades of expertise in cable production, our VGA cable factory consistently delivers top-notch products adhering to industry standards. Tailoring all work to customer designs and specifications, we hold certifications under ISO9001/ISO14001.

Employing advanced methodologies such as CKP and PFMEA, our dedicated team ensures the reliability and durability of our cables and wire harnesses. With a commitment to thorough testing—100% before delivery—we have built a solid reputation for supplying superior-quality cables and wire harnesses across diverse industries.

Rest assured with our wire harnesses, backed by a standard 5-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind regarding their quality and longevity.

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