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Types of Intelligent Terminal Wiring Harness

ATM Wiring Harness

ATM Wiring Harness

ATM wire harness mainly adopts computer technology and microelectronics technology to make the equipment more automatic, precise, and controllable.
Vending Machine Wiring Harness

Vending Machine Wiring Harness

Holly company provides sales machine wiring harness with reliable performance. Through the use of computer technology, the equipment is more intelligent, and has controllability and observability.

The Functions of Intelligent Terminal Wiring Harness

  1. The number and spacing of wires can be arbitrarily selected to make the connection more convenient.

  2. Greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency.

  3. It includes vending wire and ATM wiring harness, which is most suitable for data transmission cable between moving parts and main board, between PCB board and PCB board, miniaturized electrical equipment.

Hot Questions Of Intelligent Terminal Wiring Harness

Why do the numbers on the nixie tube not display fully?

This is when the copper wire is broken when connecting the wire harness, resulting in too small current and no display of the dot matrix corresponding to the digital tube.

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