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Coffee Machine Wire Harness

The coffee machine wiring harness produced by Holly Electronics is an electronic wiring harness used for internal connection between domestic coffee machine and commercial coffee machine.

Coffee Machine Wire Harness Features


The product is simple, safe, and reliable.


Connector using molex 3.0mm specifications, good contact, durable.


This type of home appliance wiring harness is made of teflon material, resistant to high temperature, wear and corrosion.


Wire harness through multi-process inspection, to ensure good position of products, pressing firm.

Specifications of Coffee Machine Wire Harness

  • Mx3.0-10p double row terminal wire coffee machine wire harness

  • Terminal specifications: MX3.0+250 flag shape

  • Connector: fastening head (EC13.5)

  • Color: red, green, white, black, etc. 10 colors optional: red, black, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, gray, brown and purple

  • Wire: UL1332-20AWG

  • Line length: According to customer requirements

Gallery Of Coffee Machine Wire Harness

coffee wiring harness definition
coffee wiring harness custom
coffee machine wire harness
gallery of coffee machine wire harness
coffee wiring harness company
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