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washer wiring harness

Washing Machine Wiring Harness

The washing machine wiring harness produced by holly electronics is the assembly line group of the internal connecting line of the household washing machine. The washing machine wire harness is generally composed of wire, connector of the washing machine, sheath and adhesive cloth.

Washing Machine Wiring Harness Features

Great Performance

This home appliance wiring harness series is wear-resistant, earthquake-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, flame-retardant and so on.

100 Qualified Rate

The use of visual inspection, optical inspection, conduction testing and other multi-channel testing procedures and shaking table testing, to ensure 100% qualified rate of washing machine wire harnesses.

Safety Performance

Waterproof washing machine harness. High temperature resistance, shock resistance, wear resistance after repeated testing, high safety performance.

Special Design

As one of the leading wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers in China, Holly Electronics has the ability to design washer wire harnesses according to the different needs of customers. Special design & processing of washing machine wiring harness.

Washing Machine Wiring Harness Composition

  • Standard multi-stranded copper wires such as UL1007 UL1015 series are commonly used for washing machine wire harnesses, and PVC insulation material is used for insulation of outer skin.

  • Connectors we use TE, Molex brand products, and special connectors for washing machines. Terminals are made of high-precision copper material, to ensure the anti-seismic performance of the washing machine wiring harnesses. A washer wire harness generally consists of wire, insulation sheath, wiring terminal, and wrapping material.  As long as you understand these materials, you can easily distinguish the good and bad wiring harnesses for sale.

Why Choose Holly Washing Machine Wiring Harness?

The Holly washing machine wiring harness stands out among the competition for several reasons. As a trusted wire harness factory, Holly offers reliable and high-quality washing machine wire harnesses to meet your different needs.

Our washing machine wiring harness is designed with advanced technology and precision engineering, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. It is compatible with various models and brands of washing machines, making it a versatile choice for customers.

Here are some key features of the Holly washing machine wiring harness:

  • Durability: Our washing machine harness is made with high-grade materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. It can withstand regular washing machine usage and resist wear and tear over time.

  • Safety: The Holly washer wire harness is built with safety in mind. It meets or exceeds industry safety standards, ensuring secure and reliable electrical connections. This minimizes the risk of short circuits or electrical hazards.

  • Easy Installation: Our washing machine wiring harness comes with clear instructions and is designed for easy installation. The connectors are user-friendly and provide a secure and hassle-free connection.

  • Versatility: The Holly washing machine wiring harness is compatible with a wide range of washing machine models and brands. This makes it a versatile choice for customers, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Choose Holly for your washing machine wiring harness needs and experience the difference. With our reliable and high-quality wire harness and cable assembly, you can trust that your washing machine will operate smoothly and efficiently.

Wire For Washing Machine

Quality Assurance


Our washing machine wire harnesses undergo strict quality inspection and testing to ensure that each harness meets international quality standards. We use high-quality materials and advanced production technology to ensure that you get a high-performance and long-lasting product.


 Excellent Performance


Our washing machine wire harnesses are designed and manufactured using advanced technology to ensure excellent performance. They can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and humidity while providing stable electrical performance and reliable connections.


Customization Services


We offer customization services to meet your personalized needs. You can choose different wire diameters, lengths, colors, and connector types to ensure that your washing machine wire harness meets your requirements.

Global Services


We provide global services to ensure that you can get high-quality products and services anywhere in the world. We have a professional team and a global supply chain network to ensure that you receive timely and reliable support.


We believe that our washing machine wire harnesses will provide you with excellent performance and reliability, helping you gain a competitive edge in the market. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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washer wiring harness
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