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Servo Cable

The wire harness used in the servo motor is called the servo wire harness, because the motor is called the servo motor, the wire harness connected to the motor, so we call it the servo wire harness. As a professional and experienced servo cable manufacturer, Holly Electronics provides its customers with quality bulk servo wire.

Servo Cable Bulk Features

Great Performance

Servo wire harness is a kind of China cable assemblies, and has high flexibility, bending resistance, folding resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, anti-aging, anti-interference, torsion resistance, tensile resistance and other characteristics.


The connection and control of the whole servo system and motor operation, we can see the importance of servo wire harness is still very big.

Applications of Servo Motor Cable Bulk

  • Servo power line of this intelligent cable is the transmission line of electric energy, which is used to drive the motor to run and monitor the motor torque change.  The servo power line consists of two parts, one is the connection line between the servo drive and the power supply, the other part is the connection line between the servo drive and the servo motor. This is usually strong, and the voltage is usually 220V.

  • Servo signal line, also called servo encoder line, is used to detect the position and speed of servo operation.

  • Servo brake line, also known as servo brake line, is when the driver supplies power to the motor, the brake will be released, power can hold the system after power can maintain the original position of the machine.

Gallery of Servo Cable Bulk

bulk servo wire
servo cable manufacturer
servo cable manufacturer
bulk servo wire
bulk servo wire
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