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What Are the Impacts of the Quality Problems of Wire Harness Raw Materials on Medical Electronic Wire Harnesses?

Electronic medical wire harnesses are generally medical electronic wiring harnesses composed of wires, insulating sheaths, wiring harness terminals and wrapping materials. The quality problems of medical wire harness raw materials will have a great impact on the insulation performance of the insulator. Therefore, the selection of raw materials for medical electronic wire harnesses will be very important, and the quality of wire harness materials cannot be changed blindly by reducing the cost of wire harnesses. In order to prevent the quality problems of wire harness raw materials, we should carefully check the batch number, material certification and other important information for each batch of incoming materials. Do a good job of traceability information on the use of materials.

1. The impact of the quality problems of wiring harness raw materials on medical electronic wire harnesses

The copper used for the terminal material of the medical wire harness is mainly brass and bronze, of which brass accounts for a large proportion. In addition, different coatings can be selected according to different needs. The commonly used materials for sheath materials mainly include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, pp, etc. According to the actual situation, flame retardant or reinforcing materials can be added to the plastic to achieve the purpose of reinforcement or flame retardant, such as adding glass fiber reinforcement, etc.

According to the different use environment, select the corresponding wire material. At present, some medical wire harness processing manufacturers test the electrical properties after assembling the finished products. As a result, the entire batch of finished products has to be scrapped because the insulation resistance of the insulator itself is unqualified. A reasonable process should be 100% process screening in the state of insulator parts to ensure that the electrical properties are qualified. Wire harness wrapping plays the role of wear resistance, flame retardancy, corrosion prevention, interference prevention, noise reduction, and beautification of appearance. Generally, the wrapping material is selected according to the working environment and space size. In the selection of dressing materials, there are usually tapes, corrugated pipes, PVC pipes, etc.

2. The development trend of medical electronic wiring harness suppliers

The wire harness processing industry has been developed for more than 100 years. The wire harness processing factory is mainly based on human labor, a typical labor-intensive industry. With the continuous development of automation equipment, the current wire harness processing factory has begun to transform from a labor-intensive industry to automation. Processes such as manual wire cutting, twisting, tin dipping, and end pressing are merged and completed automatically by fully automatic machines. Not only the power has been increased, but the product quality has also been continuously improved.

With the development of the times, intelligent robots continue to replace human labor, vending machines have become a selling tool for consumer goods, unmanned supermarkets save a lot of labor, unmanned aircraft are used in industry and agriculture, and so on. The combination of industrial technology and AI technology continues to affect the lives of modern people. It is an opportunity for wire harness suppliers to develop. The development of automated equipment and signal transmission are inseparable from wire harnesses. Wire harness processing plants can clearly see the modern development trend and increase the market for wire harness processing products. Competitiveness has become the goal of struggle.

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