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Application of Waterproof Cables

Waterproof cable, also known as waterproof plug and waterproof connector, is a plug with waterproof performance, and can provide safe and reliable electrical and signal connections for products. LED street lights, led drive power supplies, led display screens, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communication equipment and testing equipment, etc., all require waterproof cables and connectors.

The wire-to-board connector is a connector that uses more waterproof cables. Because it is widely used in stage lighting, aquarium, bathroom, switching power supply, electromechanical equipment and other products, and these products will inevitably come into contact with water, so the reliable performance of the waterproof cable is more needed.

At present, there are many brands and types of waterproof cables on the market. Among them, the quality of the products is also mixed. Some waterproof cable manufacturers use raw materials of poor quality for processing in order to save money and trouble. The technology is not too hard, the waterproof level of this product is relatively low, and it can only meet some basic waterproof requirements. However, for the automotive waterproof cable used in our lives, including the traditional waterproof plugs for home life, such as triangular plugs and other products, they are strictly produced according to the waterproof level.

At present, Waterproof cables are mainly used in three fields: batteries, automobiles, waterproof electronic equipment, outdoor power supply wiring harnesses and other fields:

1. The main fields of waterproof electronic equipment are: waterproof cameras, waterproof cameras, waterproof electronic detectors, etc. will be used;

2. The main material of the automobile Waterproof cable is the wiring harness of the car engine. For example, the wiring harness that is relatively close to the site will basically use the waterproof cable instead of the previous ordinary wiring harness;

3. The main materials of the battery waterproof cable are electric vehicle batteries, mobile phone batteries, camera batteries, accumulators, etc.

4. Outdoor power supply wiring harness is mainly outdoor road lighting wiring harness.

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