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Types of Intelligent Control Cable

Robot Harness

Robot Harness

Holly has a full line of robotic cables and connections for high-speed systems. The cable is made of ultra-fine copper wire and TPU insulation to withstand repeated movements, extreme twisting, bending and harsh conditions.
Servo Cable

Servo Cable

It is the cable connecting servo motor of all kinds of automation equipment host. It has been developed for fast connection of computer aided CNC machine tools, automatic terminal crimping machine, automatic textile machinery and other fields.

Intelligent Control Cable Technology

As one of the leading wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers in China, Holly Electronics provides a variety of control cables for different applications. There is automatic equipment line assembly, machine wiring, transmission system cable, household commercial equipment internal connection wiring harness, etc. Control cable variety, different shapes, suitable for a variety of different working environments, there are shielded and unshielded structures, to meet the anti-interference requirements of various applications.

  • Holly harness is a multi-core control cable that is flexible in design and easy to operate and install.

  • Holly control cables such as bulk servo wire and robot harness provide a rugged solution for bending and torsion applications, including linear bending, moderate robotic torsion, and fixed mounting.

  • Holly control cables provide a reliable solution for continuous motion applications such as chains.

Approval and certification: The control cable product portfolio has a number of international certifications: UL, VDE, CE, etc.  All cables are RoHS compliant.

Hot Questions Of Intelligent Control Cable

What cable does the motor use?

The motor generates high temperature in the operation process, so the motor cables are high temperature cables, including silicone and teflon;  Polyurethane cable.

How to calculate the size of cable?

The cable dimension is calculated by dividing the voltage across the cable by the target current.

(Voltage drop - volt/km/ampere)

For example, if your wire has a voltage current of 150 volts and your goal is 30, you will divide by 150/30.  This gives you the five target resistances you need.

What are the types of cables?

Multi-core unshielded cable;  Twisted pair shielded cable;  Metal shielded cables, etc.

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