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street light cable

Street Light Cable

Street lamps are mainly used to provide necessary visible lighting facilities for vehicles and pedestrians. The street light cable of Holly Electronics refers to the wires of solar street lamps. As an advanced type of street lamp, the underground cable for street lighting is also frequently installed and used because of its advantages of environmental protection.

Street Light Cable Features

Outdoor Design

Outdoor design, excellent waterproof performance, waterproof grade up to IP67.

Tinned Copper Wire

Tinned copper wire, good conductivity, strong current load, small resistance.

PVC Irradiation

PVC irradiation, high temperature resistance, anti aging.

Street Light Cable Working Principle

Street lamp USES solar energy as the start of resources, so it has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, in the process of use, solar panels absorb solar radiation and then transformed it into power stored in the battery, then start the street lamp, can send out electricity from the battery, through the street light cable, connected to underground cable for street lighting, and finally sent to the controller to transfer to the light source, show the effect of lighting. Although the installation cost of street light cable is high, the lifetime of this street light cable is long and the street light cable price is relatively cheap in the long term.

Components of Underground Cable for Street Lighting

The role of street lamps is to play the effect of illumination. Today, street lamps not only play the role of illumination but also exist as a landscape, which can effectively show the value of appreciation. Solar street lamp includes a solar panel, battery, street lamp controller, lamp pole and other components. Only after complete composition can the lighting effect be displayed. The most important part of the solar street lamp is the underground cable for street lighting. It is usually provided by wiring harness suppliers to ensure the normal operation of the street lamp. The street light cable has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. After many tests, it has proved to be an ideal choice for underground street lighting installation.

How to Detect and Locate Street Lighting Cables Safely and Accurately?

To locate street light cable safely and accurately, one must start using specialized equipment. Underground cable for street lighting is difficult to access and locate without the right equipment. The best way to locate the kind of china waterproof cable is to use an underground service locator, which can detect electrical frequencies through a metal rod driven into the ground, or an electronic device that measures the earth's magnetic field around the location of the cable. Equipment cost is an essential factor and street light cable price can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Regardless of the cost, finding and locating underground cable for street lighting safely and accurately is essential so follow all safety precautions and take the time to research the necessary equipment.

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