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tv wire harness

TV Wire Harness

The TV harness produced by Holly electronics is also called the intelligent LCD harness, which is the carrier of the internal signal source of the display screen. It has high-quality requirements for wires and connectors and very strict processing requirements for an electronic harness.

TV Wire Harness Features

Great Performance

Flame retardant, high temperature resistance, strong anti-interference ability.

Restrict Test

Display wiring harness mainly through computer technology, microelectronic technology, and electrical means, to make the display more intelligent, and has controllability and observability. The most important requirement is the stability of the product. The selected cables, connectors, and accessories are industrial requirements to ensure accurate signal transmission and stability of the product. The cable adopts the twisted process, and strong anti-interference. The electronic cable passes UL VW-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical fire resistance test.

Rigorous Testing Process

Wire green environmental protection, environmental protection test report. Engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the electronic harness industry analyze power electronics products and design custom electronic harness. Rigorous testing process, from the side length measurement - analysis - tensile testing - back pull test - breaking short circuit test - every link of product testing done by the requirement, through the visual inspection, measuring, and conduction test several pass 100% inspection, to ensure product factory 0 error, through the ISO9001 quality supervision system, to ensure product quality.

Highlights of TV Wire Harness

  • The connector we use TE, MOLEX series products, the connection is very reliable.

  • UL1571 series of pure copper tinned wire core, strong signal transmission, small attenuation.

  • All electronic cables are UL and VDE certified.

Gallery Of TV Wire Harness

tv wiring harness for sale
gallery of tv wire harness
tv wire harness
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