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laptop display wire harness

Laptop Display Wire Harness

Laptop monitor wiring harness, also known as LVDS screen cable, is the cable harness that transmits the graphics card driver signal to the LCD screen. The LVDS screen cable provides high data transfer rate and low power consumption.

Specifications of Laptop Display Wire Harness

Product Name

Double head LVDS LCD screen cable notebook

Production Process

Cold pressing + mylar package


Signal wiring harness


Display screen



Wire Specification


Laptop Display Wire Harness Features

  • Supply voltage compatibility as low as 2V

  • low noise

  • high noise suppression ability

  • Reliable signal transmission

  • can be integrated into the system level IC

  • The data rate of products using LVDS technology can range from several hundred Mbps to 2Gbps.

  • It is current driven, and the voltage is obtained by placing a load on the receiving end. When the current is flowing forward, the output on the receiving end is 1, and vice versa.

  • Its swing is 250MV-450MV.

  • This technology is based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-644LVDS interface standard.

Gallery Of Laptop Display Wire Harness

gallery of laptop display wire harness
laptop display wire harness
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