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China Waterproof Cable Assembly Types

Venue Lighting Cable

Venue Lighting Cable

Not only are our stage lighting cables designed for the entertainment industry, but they are also used in sports venues, large assembly halls, etc. to provide temporary power for projection, film and television, theater, music and other special events that require portable power, lighting and sound. Our cables meet or exceed MSHA, CSA and UL flame retardant and safety requirements.
Street Light Cable

Street Light Cable

It is a kind of outdoor power supply cable, requiring waterproof, aging resistance, easy connection and replacement, so we provide a PVC material of aviation joint to achieve this function.

Where are China Waterproof Cable used?

  • Waterproof cables usually use multi-conductor construction and are designed for wet or water applications. This is an area that is difficult to implement consistently because each aquatic environment has its own barriers. Choosing the right type of waterproof, such as venue lighting cable or street light cable. Waterproof cables can be very challenging for different types of water, different temperatures, and different water levels.

  • Wiring The world has many different types of china cable assemblies used in all aspects of the electrical industry applications. A relatively unique type of wire and cable product is waterproof cable. These types of wiring products are unique not only in construction but also in installation and application.

  • The cable waterproof can be used for many different types of applications: fire alarm systems, the army, pressure sensor equipment, oil and gas refineries, conveyors and forklifts, industrial computers, outdoor tv, audio, and video equipment, global positioning system, marine communication.

Hot Questions Of Waterproof Cable Assembly

What kind of cable can be used outside?

The outdoor grade cable is distinguished by its anti-uv sheath.  These types of cables are designed for outdoor use but cannot be buried underground.  Outdoor grade cable can withstand heat and uv, its uv resistant sheath is made of PE or UV resistant PVC material.

Are there waterproof wires?

Of course, one of the more unique types of wire and cable products is waterproof cable, also known as waterproof cable or waterproof cable.  These types of wiring products are unique not only in construction but also in installation and application.

PVC wire waterproof?

Well, PVC is mainly waterproof, but that depends a lot on how long it stays in the water.  For example, PVC sheathed cables can come in contact with water and quickly dry out without causing any harm.

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