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power supply sata power cable

SATA Power Supply Cable

Power supply SATA power cable produced by Holly Electronics is a hard disk data cable. The power supply SATA power cable is also known as SATA 15pin revolution large 4PIN female +15pin female power cord.

SATA Power Supply Cable Features


If your serial power supply is tight, you can convert the IDE power port in your chassis, that is, the 4pin power port into a 15pin serial power supply, cost-effective.


SATA 15-pin F/M power extension cable Applies to: The LENGTH of the SATA power cable is insufficient or the port is insufficient.

SATA Power Supply Cable Specifications

  • Product name: SATA 15PIN revolution large 4pin female +15pin female power cord.

  • Color: Black.

  • Material: Pure copper.

  • Length: Customized.

Power Supply Cable SATA Description analysis:

  • 4 Pin power supply to 15PIN serial power supply.

  • It is a type of PC wiring harness that is applicable to expand the IDE power interface without changing the original power interface or breaking the power warranty when the SATA serial port on the chassis power supply is redundant and the IDE power interface is tight.

  • Power side SATA to ordinary drive hard disk with four pin D terminal conversion wiring.

Gallery Of SATA Power Supply Cable

gallery of sata wire harenss
sata wire harenss
ls engine harness and computer sata
ls engine stand alone computer sata
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