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Types of Electric Power Cable

Power Cable

Power Cable

It is usually a cable to withstand high current, plus one or more reliable electrical conductor components, connecting the power supply and power equipment.
Welding Machine Cable

Welding Machine Cable

Welding cable is a single core insulated cable with large diameter, used to connect welding machine, welding rod, ground clamp and automatic welding head.

Rating of Electric Power Cable

  • Modern power cables such as power cable odm and welding machine cable wire come in many sizes, materials and types, each uniquely suited to its purpose.  Large single insulated conductors are sometimes called power cables in the industry.

  • The cable consists of three main parts: conductor, insulation layer and protective sheath.  The composition of a single cable varies from application to application.  Structure and materials are determined by three main factors:

  • Working voltage, determine the thickness of the insulation layer;

  • Current carrying capacity, determine the cross-section size of the conductor;

  • Environmental conditions, such as temperature, water, chemical or solar exposure, and mechanical shock, determine the form and composition of the external cable sheath.

Hot Questions Of Electric Power Cable

What cable does the mains use? Double wire and ground wire

All common internal power lines in your home are likely to use dual core and ground cables.  As the name implies, this type of cable consists of two core wires, insulated by a PVC outer casing, with a ground core wire between the two.

What are the types of power cables?

Cables are classified into the following five types according to their use:

  • Ribbon cable.  It consists of several insulated wires parallel to each other and is used to transmit multiple data simultaneously.

  • Shielded cable.

  • Twisted pair cable.

  • Coaxial cable.

  • Fiber optic cable.

What is the size of the power cord?

The most common sizes for residential work are 14 and 12.  Larger appliances, such as electric stoves, electric water heaters, electric clothes dryers and central air conditioners, usually use size 10, 8 or even 6 wires.

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