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How to ensure the quality of wiring harness processing?

In the field of wiring harness processing, the quality of wiring harness products has become the core of all sizes of enterprises must grasp, wiring harnesses are used in many industries, it helps in various industries is great, to stand out from the many enterprises, will certainly not let go of quality assurance as an important element of competition. In order to ensure the quality of the wiring harness product, but also to improve the quality of service, and strive to achieve production, service quality double optimization. So how can the wire harness factory ensure the quality of wire harness processing? The following Hongli to give you an introduction.

 wire harness factory processing details determine the quality of the harness

1, the wire dip tin, tinning need to control the time

Wire stripping, once the wire stained with tin, the heat time is too long may cause the PVC heat shrinkage, so to control the tin, tin plating time is not too long, and to ensure that the tin is evenly and completely covered.

2、Please pay attention to the terminal off PIN when wearing the plastic shell

In the time of wearing the rubber shell will often occur when the terminal off PIN, wire processing process, need to be inserted into a hole in each time there is a pull back action to ensure that each through the rubber shell of the terminal is good.

3, after crimping to ensure that the tension is sufficient

After crimping, if the tension does not reach, you need to check the terminal and wire conductor crimp range is suitable; mold blade material and its structure is reasonable design; terminal material is up to standard and so on.

the wire harness factory processing testing process to ensure the quality of the wire harness

1, the wire processing factory said the production process, each link needs to have a standard testing process, manual testing + machine testing, only each link is good quality testing, in order to ensure the quality of production and processing of wire harnesses.

2, the finished line needs to do swing, hanging weight and conductivity testing, etc. General swing test conditions: swing frequency, hanging weight load and the minimum number of swing requirements and other parameters. The conditions for the lifting test are: the load of the lifting weight, the time of the lifting weight and the displacement size after the lifting weight.

The above content is the wire harness factory how to ensure the quality of wire processing is introduced, the production process of wire processing of wire harness products, the appearance of the inspection and performance inspection to arrange a good station, the use of detection and measurement methods to a certain extent to effectively ensure that its wire processing to do a good job in all aspects of its work, control the quality of production from the source, improve the loss of efficiency of wire processing, do a really high efficiency, high quality production, so that the production of wiring harness product quality to meet customer requirements.

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