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Power Cord

Power cord wholesale/bulk is a wire that transmits current. The way current is normally transmitted is point-to-point. Holly is a professional power cord manufacturer, and its electronic power supply cord wholesale/bulk is an AC power line, which is through the high voltage of the AC wire. This kind of wire due to high voltage needs unified standards to obtain safety certification that can be formally produced. Usually, European, American, and British plug line is widely used.

Power Cord Wholesale/Bulk Features

A Wide Range of Products

The products come from professional power cord supplier with certified power cord plugs from Europe VDE, China CCC, USA UL, UK BS, Australia SAA and so on.

Annealed Single Wire of Power Line

The copper monofilament is heated to a certain temperature, and the toughness of the monofilament is improved and the strength of the monofilament is reduced by recrystallization, so as to meet the requirements of the conductive wire core of wires and cables. The key of annealing process is the oxidation of copper wire.

Stranding of the Conductor of the Power Line

In order to enhance the flexibility of the power cable, the conductor core is made of several single wires twisted together. In the stranded conductor is also used to form a compact circular pressure.

Power Cable Insulation Extrusion

Plastic power line mainly uses extruded solid insulation layer, which requires no eccentricity, lubrication and good density. The cross section of the insulation layer should be dense and robust, and the visible pinhole should be forbidden, and the existence of bubbles must be eliminated.

Applications of Power Cord Wholesale/Bulk

  • Outer sheath

The outermost layer of the power line sheath, the outer sheath plays a role in protecting the power line, the outer sheath has strong characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance to natural light interference, good winding performance, long service life, material environmental protection and other characteristics.

  • Within the sheath

Is the middle structure part of the power line, but also the insulation sheath, to ensure the safety of the power line, so that there will be no leakage phenomenon between the copper wire and the air, and the material of the insulation sheath should be soft, to ensure that it can be very good in the middle layer.

  • Copper wire

Copper wire is mainly the carrier of current and voltage, the density of copper wire directly affects the quality of the power line.  The material of the power cord is also an important factor in quality control, as is the quantity and flexibility of the copper wire.

  • The plug

Each country all has own plug model, appearance each has characteristic.

Gallery of Power Cord Wholesale/Bulk

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