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ATM Wiring Harness

ATM wiring harness is a machine that provides customers with cash withdrawal, bill printing, data query and other services through human-machine interface. It is widely used in finance, cinema, transportation and other fields. Holly wiring harness is a cable that accurately transmits the instructions of the equipment's CENTRAL processor to each key to achieve normal operation of the equipment. 

ATM Wiring Harness Highlights

Use Tinned Copper Wire

Tinned copper wire is used to ensure the undifferentiated transmission of signals.

Adopt Large Brand Terminals

Large brand terminal, to ensure long working time, good conductive contact

Use Connecting Snap

The connection buckle is used to ensure the connection is not loose

Why Choose Holly ATM Wiring Harness?

  • The influence of the power system on the ATM

    The power environment will affect the normal operation of ATM components, affect information processing, and even destroy information. The first method to reduce power system failures is to improve the quality of grounding, the second is to improve power quality through power supply protection devices such as voltage stabilizers, filters, and UPS, and the third is to avoid frequent switching of ATMs.

  • Impact of System Components on ATMs

    If the micro switch cannot be flexibly opened and closed, the metal connector is loose, and the contact surface of the metal connector and the surface of the contact point are atomized, the chemical reaction will cause poor contact, which will affect the normal operation of the ATM.

  • Therefore, Holly wire and cable harness terminals generally use TYCO/AMP connectors (TE connectors).

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