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VGA Cable Types

Introduction to VGA Cable

A VGA cable is a data transmission cable that connects a computer graphics card to a monitor or a TV and transmits information. It is responsible for outputting the corresponding image signal to the display and is the bridge between the computer and the display.

Most computers and external display devices are connected through an analogue VGA interface. The display image information digitally generated inside the computer is converted into R, G, B three primary color signals and line and field signals by the digital/analogue converter in the graphics card. Synchronization signal, the signal is transmitted to the display device through the data line. But many low-end products use a VGA interface to match with a VGA interface graphics card. The VGA interface is a D-type interface with a total of 15 pinholes, divided into three rows of five.

Types of VGA Cable

The types of China VGA cable offered by VGA cable factory are:

  • 3+2 refers to red, green, blue + line and field signal lines (applicable to flat-panel monitors, some LCD monitors may have image virtual, ghosting, etc., not suitable for large-screen LCD, TV and projection).

  • 3+4 refers to red, green, blue + line, field + digital ground + 1 address code between the screen and the host (applicable to most LCDs, but not suitable for display devices such as LCDs that locate screen data, not suitable for projection) .

  • 3+6 means red, green, blue + line, field + digital ground + 1 address code between the screen and the host + data signal line for feedback positioning the screen + clock line (applicable to most display devices, suitable for projection) .

  • The VGA line originally contains 14 lines and 15 holes, 5 of which transmit the VGA main signal, 4 main data signal lines, and the CLK line, the DAT line, and the ground line. Explore vga cable supplier Holly Electronics' high-quality vga cable wholesale.

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