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What is a cable assembly?

With the development of electronic technology, cable assemblies are being used more and more widely in the electronic communication industry, affecting all aspects of our working life. So, what is a wiring harness cable assembly?

ⅠUnderstanding of harness cable assemblies

Cable assembly is used to connect different electronic equipment systems or sub-systems between the electrical connection components, is composed of a variety of insulated wire, shielding wire and electrical connectors. With the widespread use of cable assemblies in the field of communications, the stability of the electrical performance of the harness cable assembly, service life and resistance to environmental requirements are increasingly high. Cable assemblies are now commonly used with connectors at both ends, intermediate cables, cables and connectors connected by crimping, fitting or welding, with heat shrinkable sleeves or injection moulded protection.

Ⅱthe difference between coaxial cables and harness cable assemblies

Due to the diversity and application requirements when installing coaxial connectors with cables, many suppliers offer pre-assembled coaxial assemblies for specific applications. For a given application, if the cable length, performance parameters and type of coaxial connector are known, then the best option is to use a harness cable assembly.

1. Institutional requirements and special equipment

Certain applications, such as military, government, avionics, space and industrial equipment, have specific regulatory requirements and have specific requirements for coaxial cable performance. Only when these industry, social and governmental institutional requirements are met can the cable be qualified for use in these areas. These requirements can be quite complex and it is not easy to keep them in mind, and experts are probably the best people to consult for details here.

2. Special cables

Test and measurement, scientific experiments, satellites, high-performance radar and many other special applications require the use of very specialised coaxial cables. In addition to the institutional standards mentioned above, these cables often need to meet specific applications and many non-standard requirements. Experts can help purchasers to understand the cables available to meet specific needs on a case-by-case basis and ultimately to select the best option.

3. Counterfeit cables and knock-offs

Due to the profit motive, counterfeit coaxial cables sold illegally are more accessible to the buying public. The practice of using cables other than the real thing is inherently illegal and can put the safety of operators and equipment at risk. The best way to prevent potential damage from counterfeit coaxial cables is to choose only qualified suppliers with a good track record and a quality management system.

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