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What factors can affect wiring harness aging?

The wiring harness is an important part of the articulation of various electrical and electronic devices, passing electrical signals between power supplies, switches, appliances and electronic devices, and is the primary carrier of electrical signal manipulation. Equivalent to the network body in the circuit, the production and manufacturing process by wire harness factory to its potential failure forms and causes to be analyzed and studied, to control and improve product quality. We therefore have a corresponding reliability testing service to ensure that the wiring harness is factory-qualified. In the OEM wiring harness conduction test, we have the primary DC voltage drop as the key test requirement, according to national norms requirements and test specifications.

the wiring harness test process

1, plugged into the power supply and turn on the power switch.

2, let the test machine initiate to start item-by-item testing, self-test through and then the sample into the corresponding test apparatus.

3, according to the requirements of the drawings to set the parameters of the product to be tested, the first use of bad samples test machine.

4、After the data is set, the product is tested and the test is completed, the test machine shows the test result, the test passes the PASS light, and the machine announces a "good" tone or voice prompt.

5, test results for bad, PALL light, the machine announced "unqualified" tone or voice prompts.

6、Good products are packed and placed neatly, put into the crate, and wait for the next process.

7, bad products into the bad products area, waiting for rework or destruction.

the factors affecting the ageing of the wire harness

Wire harness assembly ageing is a common problem of the harness, Exploring the causes of harness ageing and prevention of harness supplies ageing appears to be very necessary, resulting in the direct cause of ageing harness is the insulation is lowered and struck through. Engineering machinery wiring harness factory to tell you, resulting in several factors to reduce insulation.

1, external force damage

Now a considerable number of wiring harness failure is caused by mechanical damage. For example wiring harness installation wiring is not standardized construction, and easily causes mechanical damage; sometimes if the damage is not serious, it will take months or even years to lead to a complete breakdown of the damaged parts to form a fault, sometimes serious damage may occur short-circuit fault, directly affecting the safety of production.

2、Insulation moisture

This situation is also very common, for example, the harness joint production is not qualified and in humid climatic conditions to do the joint, will make joint into the water or mix with water vapor, over time in the electric field under the action of the formation of water branches, gradually damage the insulation strength of the harness and cause failure.

3、Chemical corrosion

Harness work in areas with acid and alkali, often causes the harness armor, lead skin or outer shield is corroded, the protective layer due to long-term exposure to chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, failing the protective layer, insulation is reduced, will also lead to harness failure.

4、Long-term overload operation

Overload operation, due to the thermal effect of the current, the load current through the wiring harness is bound to lead to conductor heating, thereby increasing the temperature of the wiring harness. In long-term overload operation, the high temperature will accelerate the aging of the insulation, so that the insulation is pierced. Especially in the hot summer months, the temperature rise of the harness often leads to the first breakdown of the weak cable insulation, so in the summer months, the harness is particularly faulty. Such as the occurrence of auto-spontaneous combustion accidents.

5、Wiring harness connector failure

The harness connector is a weak link in the line, caused by the direct fault of the personnel harness connector failure often occurs. In the process of making a harness connector, if the connector is not crimped tightly or heated sufficiently, it will lead to a reduction in the insulation of the harness head and thus cause an accident.

6、Environment and temperature

The external environment and heat source in which the harness is located can also cause high cable temperatures, insulation breakdown and even explosive fires.

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