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Holly electronic wire and cable harness production of electronic wiring harness applications, computer equipment, industrial and agricultural automation, medical instruments and other internal wiring, automotive refrigeration and lighting, motor lead wire, and other connecting wire. The product production design of industries cable is exquisite, fully considers the use of products, and materials are selected for international brands connector and wire, so that the product performance is safe, reliable connection. The company has scientific management and more than 20 years of production experience, each process adopts 100% inspection, to ensure a 100% qualified rate of products before shipment. As one of the wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers, Holly electronic wiring harness is not only guaranteed in product quality but also in product packaging using inside and outside waterproof, the box around strength support and other protection so that the product is not damaged by handling, to the hands of customers in good condition. 

Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies for Different Industries

  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Household Industry

    Household Industry

    Mainly refers to a wiring harness of signal transmission inside various electrical appliances and electronic appliances used in homes and similar places.
  • Industrial Application Of Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies

    Industrial Industry

    Mainly for the cabinet, or some electronic wire, multi-core wire, line, etc., is a kind of industrial automation equipment with wire harness.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Computer Supporting Industry

    Computer Supporting Industry

    The main applications of wire harnesses in IT products are: laptop, multimedia audio, monitors, mobile phones, power supplies, and security equipment.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Military & Aerospace Industry

    Military & Aerospace Industry

    It is used for the wiring harness inside the aircraft and the direct signal connection with the remote control, and the wiring harness of power supply.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Vehicle Parts Industry

    Vehicle Parts Industry

    It is the network main body of automobile circuit. Without wiring harness, there would be no automobile circuit. The wiring harness is basically the same in form, which is composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tapes.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Network Media Industry

    Network Media Industry

    It is a medium used to transmit information from one network device (such as a computer) to another network device. The Twisted Pair is mainly a metal one. A Shielded Twisted Pair STP) and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP). Use an RJ-45 crystal connector for connection.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Lighting Industry

    Lighting Industry

    Mainly refers to outdoor road lighting, advertising light boxes, colored light lines, indoor display lights, venue lighting, aquaculture greenhouses light line, and other lines.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Commercial Terminal Industry

    Commercial Terminal Industry

    It is a wire harness used in intelligent devices based on the Internet of things technology to achieve product sales and service through human-computer interaction interface.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Agricultural Industry

    Agricultural Industry

    It is a kind of power supply and signal transmission harness used in agricultural equipment and facilities.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Other Industry

    Other Industry

    It refers to the power line, signal transmission line, audio, and video wire harness, and other general products used on PCB, as well as the transmission line, electric welding line, medical equipment wire harness, and other specialty lines.

Popular Wire Harness And Cable Assemblies

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