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Exploring the Potential of Vending Wire Technology

Vending wire is a commonly used equipment for commercial automation, which is not limited by time and place, and can save labor and facilitate transactions. It is a brand new form of commercial retailing, also known as 24-hour business mini-supermarket. This article will briefly introduce the development prospect and main functions of vending wire.

Development Prospect

Automation is the trend of the future, whether in manufacturing, service, or retail. We will all see more equipment replacing manual labor. With such a big trend, the future of vending wire industry is bright. In terms of the development trend of vending wire, its emergence is a product of the shift from a labor-intensive industrial structure to a technology-intensive society. Mass production, mass consumption, and changes in consumption patterns and sales environments require the emergence of new distribution channels. With the cost of labor also rising, coupled with the constraints of site limitations and shopping convenience, vending wire emerged as a necessary machine.

The vending wire industry is being computerized and further rationalized. For example, by implementing the on-line method, the inventory information in the vending wire is transmitted to the computers of each office through the telephone line in a timely manner, thus ensuring smooth delivery, replenishment, and selection of products. In addition, in order to prevent global warming, vending wires are being developed to conserve energy, and energy-saving vending wires for refreshing beverages are becoming a mainstay of the industry.

Basic Functions

  • Card shopping: With the support of network environment, it has various electronic payment functions, such as credit card, stored value card, cell phone card, and other card consumption.

  • Currency recognition: The electronic control system can be used with the bill and coin recognizer to increase the voucher function, which can recognize the paper and coin types of vouchers.

  • Data download: Applying USB technology, you can easily download the operation information of the vending machine, and then use a PC to process the downloaded data, making it easy for the operator to grasp the sales situation of different regions, different machines, and different commodities.

Special Functions

  • Network operation: The data of current operation of vending wire, including system status, system failure, material channel failure, out-of-stock situation, and sales data are transmitted wirelessly to the vending machine network server through the GPRS module installed on the vending wire, so that the operator can master the information of vending machine on any computer with network connection, realizing the large-scale operation and network management of vending wire.

  • Cell phone shopping: Vending wire system is docked with mobile POS module system to read and write the 2.4GHZ RFSIM card launched by China Mobile to complete the shopping function of China Mobile's cell phone.

  • Multi-media display: Adopting LED display, multimedia display technology, vending wire system and PC system docking, so that consumers can use PC-controlled touch screen to buy the goods of the vending machine. This not only replaces the selection of goods buttons, but also makes the vending machine with the media function.

  • Self-service bill payment: Embedding ATM system into vending wire, making vending wire as a mobile, financial terminal equipment, realizing self-service bill payment business, and so on.

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