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VGA Cable

Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable, including VGA interface and connected cable, but usually refers to VGA interface, also called D-sub interface. VGA interface produced by professional VGA cable suppliers is the interface on the graphics card to output analog signals. Although the LCD can receive digital signals directly, many low-end products use VGA interface to match the graphics card. A VGA port is a D-shaped port with a total of 15 empty pins in three rows of five. As one of top VGA cable manufacturers in China, Holly Electronics offers high-quality VGA cable wholesale.

VGA Cable Features


This product produced by cable and harness manufacturers is made of high quality oxygen-free copper conductor, good material, not easy to oxidize.


It is composed of 3 coaxial lines and 6 AVR wires. The shielding is braided with aluminum foil and tinned copper wire. Used to transmit VGA image signals.


VGA3+6 computer monitor connection line, using three primary color signal line independent shielding structure, reduce interference, ensure high-speed data transmission, to ensure a clearer display effect.

China VGA Cable Applications

  • Widely used in digital TV, monitor, multimedia classroom, and projection system.

  • Widely used in digital televisions, monitors, Multimedia Classrooms, and projection systems

VGA Cable Bulk Detailed Description

  • Rated temperature: 80℃

  • Rated voltage: 300V

  • Conductor using stranded tinned copper wire

  • PVC insulation

  • Outsourcing aluminum foil shielding

  • Tinned copper wire is the twisted ground wire

  • PVC sheath

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