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Venue Lighting Cable

Courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamps, usually refers to the outdoor lighting lamps below 6 meters. The waterproof outdoor electrical cable has the characteristics of beautification and decoration of the environment. This outdoor waterproof power cord is mainly used in party venues, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places outdoor lighting, setting off the atmosphere of activities. Can also be used for breeding, planting greenhouse lighting.

Venue Lighting Cable Features

Outdoor Design

This China waterproof cable has a outdoor design, excellent waterproof performance, and waterproof grade up to IP67.

Tinned Copper Wire

Tinned copper wire, good conductivity, strong current load, small resistance.

PVC Irradiation

PVC irradiation, high temperature resistance, anti aging.

Applications of Venue Lighting Cable

Courtyard lighting fixtures should effectively control the luminous flux output of the upper hemisphere. First, to achieve a certain lighting effect, convenient evening community residents in and out; Second, in line with the style of the whole building, consistent with the style of the whole community, to play a complementary effect; The 3rd should notice beautiful sex, neither too drab, also do not want to dazzle beautiful, do not make the person produces aesthetic fatigue.

Landscape lighting:

  • Under the conditions of glare limit and light distribution requirements, the efficiency of flood lighting lamps should not be less than 60.

  • The protection grade of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures shall not be lower than IP55, the protection grade of buried lamps shall not be lower than IP67, and the protection grade of lamps used in water shall not be lower than IP68.

  • LED lamps or single-end fluorescent lamps should be used for contour lighting.

  • Internal transparent lighting should use LED lamps or lamps with fine tube diameter fluorescent lamps.

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