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Types of Custom Cable Assemblies Solutions in China

Intelligent Control Cable

Intelligent control cable assemblies refers to the use of artificial intelligence in various machines and equipment, which makes machines and equipment automatic and intelligent. The intelligent control cable assemblies produced by Holly Electronics is the wire and cable assemblies that effectively transmits the instructions from the brain of machines and equipment to the equipment terminal and makes the machines and equipment run accurately.

Electric Power Cable

Electric power cable used for power cable transmission and distribution, sending control signals through the high and low voltage control cabinet. Power cables are often used in urban underground power grids, power plant lead lines, internal power supply in industrial and mining enterprises and across rivers and sea areas.

Waterproof Cable

Usually refers to the wire and cable used in wet or underwater operating environment. In order to achieve sufficient waterproof effect, special waterproof treatment is made to the cable insulation layer by limiting water penetration into the sheath.

Vehicle Cable

We are referring here to cable assemblies for vehicle add-ons. Using high bending resistance cable, it has excellent cold resistance, oil resistance, uv resistance linear, low smoke halogen-free and high flame retardant performance.

Other Cable Assemblies

Other wiring harnesses refer to peripheral products that provide power and signals for electrical appliances and computers, such as plug power cable, network cable, wireless transmitting and receiving lines, etc.

Custom Wire and Coaxial Cable Harness Assemblies

Holly Cable is a world-class manufacturer of wiring harness for sale, providing various types of cable assemblies and OEM cables. Automobile cable. Medical cable. The USB cable. Wiring harness assembly. Battery cable. Free cable consultation. 100% best price. Short lead time. As a top cable assemblies distributor, the company can undertake small batch trial production and mass production; The products have obtained UL, VDE and other mandatory certifications, and is ISO certified manufacturer.

Benefits of Holly Custom Wire and Cable Harness Assemblies

Benefits of Holly Custom Wire and Cable Harness Assemblies
  • The right materials. The better the material, the better the end product will be.

  • Accuracy. It can be difficult to find off-the-shelf cable assemblies that fit your exact project requirements, but we can customize exactly what you need.

  • Number. We don't require the order size, but the larger the order, the lower the price.

  • Quality assurance. Holly electronics has more than 20 years of experience in wire harness & cable assembly manufacturing, in production in accordance with the ISO9000 quality system requirements

  • Reliable electrical performance.

  • China custom wiring harness factory and China cable assemblies manufacturer, with more than 20 years of production experience, you can save time and money.

Wire Insulation For Cable Assemblies Manufacturing

Holly has many years of experience in producing PVC, silicone and TPE insulated multi-strand wires. 

High quality copper and PVC, silicone and TPE materials to ensure product quality;

The combination of high cotton copper wire and high flexible insulation material has successfully produced cables with extraordinary flexibility. 

Due to the high-quality material selection and continuous modernization of production equipment, the variety of multi-strand cables is expanding and conforms to the latest technical requirements and standards.

Wire Insulation For Cable Assemblies Manufacturing
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We can customize all sizes of wire harness, wire sizes from 2AWG-32AMW, 0.01m㎡-50m㎡, wire type UL wire, VDE cable, Automotive wires, Dran Chain Cable, Medical Cable, etc. Please contact us to get free samples.

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