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Data Wire Harness

Data cable harness is used to connect wires inside general electronic and electrical equipment, transmit data signals and command the operation of equipment. 

Data Wire Harness Features

Stable Signal Transmission

Using 32~16AWG tinned copper wire, tinned layer can transmit signal stably; 

Environmental Protection Materials

PVC insulation, meet ROHS environmental standards

Flame Retardant Materials

This kind of PCB wire harness have passed UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 flame retardant test.

Applications of Data Wire Harness

  • Ul2468-26awg cable arrangement.

  • JST brand XH series connector.

  • SCN series plug terminal.

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We can customize all sizes of wire harness, wire sizes from 2AWG-32AMW, 0.01m㎡-50m㎡, wire type UL wire, VDE cable, Automotive wires, Dran Chain Cable, Medical Cable, etc. Please contact us to get free samples.

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