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How to Connect the Mainboard Wire Harness?

To assemble a computer, the motherboard must be connected, so how do novice users with no installation experience perform the operation of connecting the computer mainboard wire harness? Wiring is the most important place in computer installation. You need to be careful during the installation process. Do not insert it violently, otherwise it will easily damage the pins. For novice users, just install the motherboard manual or plug in the English corresponding interface on the motherboard. The following is the connection method of the mainboard wire harness:

Mainboard power supply interface: The mainboard interface is very easy to identify, find the 24-pin interface, and insert it in the correct direction.

CPU power supply interface: The CPU power supply line socket is generally near the upper left corner of the U. The 8PIN power supply line of the CPU will be marked, but many people are easily confused with the 8PIN of the graphics card. In fact, it is easy to identify. Generally, the CPU is 4+4 Form 8, and the graphics card is 6+2 to form 8. If they are all 8PINs, there will be text on the surface.

Graphics card power supply interface: The power supply interface of the graphics card is similar to that of the CPU. It needs several interfaces on the graphics card to fill it up.

Chassis fan interface: Some chassis have their own fans, or some players buy and install a chassis fan, and the power supply line of the chassis fan is generally a large 4D port, the direction of the large 4D is easy to identify, and it can be directly inserted into the corresponding port of the power supply.

Hard disk interface: The hard disk power supply cable is generally a flat SATA port. The SATA power supply cable is also designed as a foolproof port. If the direction is wrong, it cannot be inserted normally. Generally, there are two ways to identify the direction, one is the corner of the interface, and the other is the second one. The air port of the interface, and the motherboard header of the SATA cable is also the same, just connect the hard disk power supply cable and the motherboard header.

Audio and USB interfaces: The front audio and USB interfaces have corresponding interfaces on the motherboard, and there are English prompts, so you can install them normally. And the front audio has only one corresponding foolproof interface.

Indicator line interface: HDD LED represents the hard disk light, POWER LED is the power light, RESET SW is the restart button, POWER SW is the switch, PC SPEAKER is the small PC speaker, these interfaces can be said to be the key points, especially the boot There are usually signs on the motherboard, and you can plug them in according to the instructions on the motherboard.

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