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Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Vehicle Parts Industry

Holly universal automotive wiring harness is used for wiring harness of automobile electric auxiliary equipment, such as lamps, air conditioners, instruments, and other parts.

Holly wiring harness applications have a wide range, and this vehicle wiring harness is applied in fuel oil vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and new energy vehicles.

Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in Vehicle Parts Industry

Importance of Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies in the Vehicle Parts Industry

  • Use DELPHI, TE connector plus limit card, to ensure the vibration of electricity, wire plus bellows anti-seismic wear;

  • The cold-pressed production process, high quality, and high elastic phosphor copper contact material, to ensure the stable contact performance of this selection of materials;

  • Nylon 66 connector insulation material, with flame retardant corrosion resistance and other characteristics, wire use UL certification of Teflon series wire, high-temperature resistance and wear resistance;

  • All products through UL, REACH, ROHS, and other standards certification, in order to ensure the waterproof effect of wire harness, each press contact glue waterproof.

Common Types of Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies Used in Vehicle Parts Industry

All products through multi-channel testing procedures, visual testing, electrical testing, optical testing, and shaking table testing, to ensure zero complaint rate of products. Experienced in wire harness & cable assembly manufacturing, Holly wire harness and cable assemblies in the vehicle parts industry feature moistureproof, flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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