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Types of Other Cable Assemblies

Power Cord

Power Cord

It is a kind of electrical appliances usually use plug wire, also called plug power line
Network Cable

Network Cable

It is used to send messages across the network. Usually refers to the twisted pair. A twisted-pair cable is a data transmission line consisting of a number of pairs. It is characterized by low price, so it is widely used.
Industrial Microphone Cable

Industrial Microphone Cable

Industrial microphone cable, people also call it 6.5 recording line 6.35 microphone audio connection line, mixer microphone line, connecting various Non equipment to mixers, microphones, speakers, amplifiers of the wire.

The Functions of Other Cable Assemblies

  1. HEAVY DUTY - Featuring an 5-15P Plug to C13 Connector. Rated for 15 Amps and 125V. AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS AND LENGTHS.

  2. NEMA 5-20P to C19 Power Cord - 15 Foot, Build, 20A/125V, 12 AWG - Iron Box Part # IBX-4929-15

  3. Based on high-speed USB 2.0 technology, hd HDMI-video signals can be captured from signal channels; Game capture card is suitable for devices with HDMI-output, such as PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, Switch and other devices;

Hot Questions Of Other Cable Assemblies

What are the different types of cable assemblies?

Cable assemblies are available in a variety of options, including multi-conductor, coaxial/RF, wire and cable harness, complex military, flat strip, custom electromechanical, and more.  Despite the similarities, there are also differences.

What are Cable Assembly Services ?

Cable Assembly Services produce custom wiring harness, connector coaxial, fiber optic and multi-core cables under contract for specific applications.  They are distributed in the United States and around the world, with varying abilities.

How to select cable components?

Should be based on the use of your equipment environment, power size and determine the use of what material insulation layer, conduction size, wire combination form and so on.

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