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Types of Audio And Video wire harness

Auto Parts Wiring Harness

Auto Parts Wiring Harness

Holly vehicle-mounted wiring harness, more precise workmanship, tighter contact, more stable transmission, high fidelity, and no rust.
Laptop Display Wire Harness

Laptop Display Wire Harness

Strictly pay attention to the size of male and female head, ensure normal use in the process of use, to prevent sudden off-line.

The Functions of Audio And Video Wire Harness

  1. Through UL VW-1 and CSA Ft1 vertical fire resistance test, uniform insulation thickness;

  2. Acid resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance and other properties;

  3. It includes auto parts wiring harness, has no noise, and is more durable, customizable.

Hot Questions Of Audio And Video wire harness

Does the length of wire harness affect the normal operation of equipment?

Can, the resistance of electric wire can increase along with length and increase, anti-interference performance also can increase along with length and attenuation, generally in 2 meters or so the influence is not big, need longer electric wire because consider the sectional area that increases electric wire adequately, and use the electric wire that has shield layer.

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We can customize all sizes of wire harness, wire sizes from 2AWG-32AMW, 0.01m㎡-50m㎡, wire type UL wire, VDE cable, Automotive wires, Dran Chain Cable, Medical Cable, etc. Please contact us to get free samples.

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