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Types of OEM Wire Harness Assembly

Home Appliance Wiring Harness

Holly Household appliance wiring harness main application: provide all kinds of intelligent home appliance wiring harness, refrigerator wiring harness, air conditioning wiring harness, washing machine wiring harness, coffee machine, electric oven, induction cooker wiring harness, kitchen fire integrated wiring harness, wine cabinet, beer cabinet wiring harness, fireplace, ironing machine wiring harness, drinking machine, sweeper wiring harness and so on.

Computer Wiring Harness

Holly electronic wiring harness in computer applications are: computer case power wiring harness, chassis each open key connection wire, computer monitor wiring harness, computer motherboard control wiring harness, motherboard graphics card power harness, hard disk connecting wiring harness, cooling fan wiring harness, etc.

Equipment Wiring Harness

It is a kind of industrial automation equipment with wire harness;  Used for robot manipulator wire harness, servo motor wire harness, 3D printing wire harness, CNC machine tool wire harness, optical shot blasting machine wire harness, intelligent elevator wire harness, industrial motor wire harness, industrial camera wire harness, industrial automation control system wire harness.

Intelligent Terminal Wiring Harness

Used for bank deposits and withdrawals, mall supermarkets, venues, community sales, hotel self-help hotel check-in, transportation self-help ticket, library self-help borrowing, and returning books, and other fields, the products are: AUTOMATIC teller machine wire harness, vending machine wire harness and so on.

Industrial Control Wiring Harness

Suitable for the connection of equipment in different industrial fields, such as woodworking machinery, machine tool processing equipment, logistics conveying system, crane, etc. It is mainly used for control and power transmission.

PCB Wire Harness

PCB Wire Harness refers to the general name of data transmission line, switch line, power input line, grounding line and other wiring harnesses used on the computer control board.

Office Equipment Wiring Harness

The wiring harness of office equipment is the connecting wiring harness for office printing, scanning, projection, and other functions.

Aeroplane Wire Harness

Military aerospace UAV wiring harness, UAV steering gear male and female docking wiring harness, UAV aerial photography connecting plate wiring harness, aircraft model LED magnetic ring wiring harness, lithium battery special charging plug wiring harness, aircraft model large current power supply wiring harness, etc.

Audio and Video Wire Harness

It is a data transmission medium used in video, audio, digital camera and other audio and video equipment.

Medical Wire Harness

Medical wiring harness refers to the wiring harness used in medical testing equipment and medical care equipment and facilities.

Custom Wire Harness

When we evaluate a new cable or harness solution, the specific environment it will use and the temperatures and conditions to which it will be exposed must be carefully considered.  You evaluate all the different cable types that might be used;  A nearly unlimited selection of styles and materials for custom wiring harness, including:

  • Custom Labeling or barcoding

  • Four-color ink stamping

  • Individual tagging

  • Independent circuit IDs

  • Wire ties

  • Lacing

  • Custom colors

  • Insulation materials of all kinds

  • Heat-shrink coating

Benefits of OEM Wire Harness Assembly

Benefits of OEM Wire Harness Assembly
  • Reduced cost compared to multiple independent components. 

  • Improve organization, especially when the system relies on hundreds of feet of complex wiring.  

  • Reduce cabling network projects or extensive cabling installation time.  

  • Protect conductors from indoor chemicals or outdoor elements and moisture.  

  • Maximize space, clean loose or loose wires, prevent tripping and damage to wires and cables, and ensure a safe working environment. 

  • Improve safety by reducing the risk of short circuits or electrical fires.  

  • Reduce installation and maintenance time by minimizing the number of connected and organized components in a logical configuration.

Wire Insulation For OEM Wire Harness Manufacturing

Especially in wire harness manufacturing, wire insulation plays a very important role.

Most wiring harnesses are made up of wires. These wires are connected to each other. Separate thick strands from each other. If there is no insulation, it will cause a short circuit. There may even be no contact to cause damage.

There are five most common types of wire insulation used in harness manufacturing applications. They are used for different types of projects, however, they all have similarities. Therefore, below we list each type of insulation. It also lists the best uses for them.  these insulation types. Also listed is what they are best used for.

Wire Insulation For OEM Wire Harness Manufacturing
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