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Robot Harness

Robot wiring harness usually is composed of multi-plug and multi wiring harness, assembling different electronic components. The robot wiring harness works on signal transmission and current conduction in electrical equitment. This production of robot harness has complex connection and complete functions.

Robot Harness Features

Reliability of Raw Material

For raw materials, we have our own special laboratory to test performance and quality, in order to deliver high quality product.

Reliability of Terminal/Connector Selection

According to different environments of operation, we select suitable connectors for devices after analyzing the failure reasons of terminals and connectors.

Reliability of Electrical System Design

According to different scenarios, we made modular processing to impove the reliability of the electrical system, by combining the circuits and components.

Applications of Robot Harness

UL certified, RoHS compliant terminals

  • Phosphor bronze surface plated with nickel.

  • Phosphor bronze surface gold plating treatment.

  • Low brass

Terminal manufacturers: JST, MOLEX, AMP, HRS, JAM, JAE, JYC, JSY and other industrial robots are often used for internal wiring harness.

  • The wiring harness is complicated.

  • Communication, signal, AC, DC power supply, etc.

It can be applied to sweeping robot, mechanical arm robot, industrial robot, etc.

Gallery of Robot Harness

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