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custom motherboard cables

Computer Motherboard Cables

Product name: Custom motherboard cables 24-pin 14-pin adapter cable, one end is connected to general ATX power supply 24P, the other end is connected to Lenovo motherboard 14P.

Custom Computer Motherboard Cables Features

Power Supply Specifications

According to the power supply specifications defined by Intel, the computer motherboard cables used by all power supply manufacturers must be standardized. The color and usage of the PC motherboard wiring are as follows.


+5V signal power supply for the circuit of the mainboard, memory modules, CD/DVD drives, hard disks, and other devices.


+12V CPU and graphics card power supply.  Power standard drive circuits, such as CD - ROM, hard disk motors.


+3.3V is now used to power SATA hard disks, but will be used for other purposes in the future.


+5V (USB) USB device power supply, support USB keyboard and mouse startup function (power supply after shutdown)


Ground wire (0V) is a necessary part of the power supply loop


PS-ON startup signal cable (when it is short-connected with the ground cable, the power will be started)


Power Good monitoring line, this PC wiring harness connects the motherboard and Power supply, play the role of signal feedback

Custom Computer Motherboard Wiring Cables Specification

  • Product Name: Computer motherboard 24 pin 14 pin adapter cable.

  • The total length of our computer motherboard cables is about 15CM, one end is connected to the general ATX power supply 24P, the other end is connected to lenovo motherboard 14P. It is suitable to use Lenovo Q77/B75/A75/Q75 motherboard. 

  • Material Description: Standard 18AWG electronic wire, green black 24PIN female head, 14PIN male head.

Custom motherboard cables are also available.

Gallery Of Custom Computer Motherboard Cables

custom motherboard cables
computer motherboard cables
custom motherboard cables
custom motherboard cables
custom motherboard cables
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