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Types of PCB Wire Harness

Data Wire Harness

Data Wire Harness

Genuine plastic, high quality copper, reliable connection.
PCB Power Wire Harness

PCB Power Wire Harness

Power cable harness: not ordinary terminal connector, high precision copper, durable fatigue resistance, easy wiring, flame retardant shell.

Benefits of PCB Wire Harness

  1. The size of overcurrent is customized according to demand, low heating, more secure.

  2. This kind of wire harness for sale of Holly Electronics has durable power supply.

  3. The steps are simple and can be operated without electrician.

  4. Long life, corrosion resistance, and aging.

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We can customize all sizes of wire harness, wire sizes from 2AWG-32AMW, 0.01m㎡-50m㎡, wire type UL wire, VDE cable, Automotive wires, Dran Chain Cable, Medical Cable, etc. Please contact us to get free samples.

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