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drone wire harness

Drone Wire Harness

Uav steering gear wiring harness is applied to control UAV flight instruction transmission wiring harness in remote control receiver, steering gear, flight controller and other fields.

Drone Wire Harness Features


Remote control receiver, steering gear, flight control, etc.

Great Performance

This sort of custom aircraft wiring harness offered by military cable assembly manufacturers is soft, easy to operate, and has reliable connection.


It adopts MOLEX brand products, with good contact performance;  UL color silicone cable is used for wire.


Dupont connector housing is divided into right Angle JR and bevel FUTBA, note when ordering connectors have two specifications, this kind of wiring harness for sale customers need to explain or provide sample pictures, to avoid mistakes in the production process, because the difference in connection equipment will lead to the use of the other end of the interface.

Applications of Drone Wire Harness

  • Steering gear reverse, applicable to any steering gear, can make the steering gear reverse rotation, anyway, the steering gear forward rotation, only need in series you need to reverse the steering gear channel can, simple operation, no longer need to worry about no reverse steering gear!

  • Operating voltage: low voltage version 3.6V-- 5V high voltage version 3.6V-- 24V (directly connected to the receiver)

  • Current: 2A(low voltage version) 5A(high voltage version)

  • Wire specification: 26AWG-22AWG

  • Core material: tinned copper wire

  • Line length: customized

  • Color: brown red and orange, black red and white, black red and blue, etc.

  • Wire: temperature range -60℃- +200℃; The wire adopts oxygen-free copper wire, which has better softness due to its fine diameter.  Silica gel wire has excellent high temperature resistance, so that the silica gel wire can withstand large current for a long time.

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drone wire harness
gallery of drone wire harness
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drone wiring harness
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