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Types and Composition of Automotive Wiring Harnesses

Automotive wiring harness is the main body of the automotive circuit network, designed to connect various electrical appliances. Its function is similar to the blood vessels in the human body, providing a channel for electrical signal transmission. The wiring harness is mainly composed of wires, connectors, terminals, clips, tapes and other auxiliary materials. The modern automotive market is facing tremendous competitive pressure. In order to achieve a win-win situation, harness manufacturers need to ensure that their products meet customer quality requirements while achieving higher efficiency with lower costs. Controlling the cost of automotive wiring harness products requires the improvement of the qualification and accuracy of component cost analysis, analyzing and researching the cost of parts for various types of wire harnesses, and using a variety of different analysis methods to select appropriate controls. Choose the appropriate control method to control the cost of automotive wiring harness products.

The service object of the harness is the load source, which refers to the wire and connection terminals assembled together with other components. It is a carrier for transmitting power and accelerating signal transmission and a communication link for various automotive fields.

Classification of automotive wiring harness

automotive wiring harnesses can be classified according to different structures, including complete wire harnesses, partially functional wire harnesses, and link systems. According to different service methods, wire harnesses can be classified as loss-type wire harnesses and waiting-type wire harnesses. According to the number of additional service sources, wire harnesses can be classified as unlimited load-carrying capacity wire harnesses and limited load source wire harnesses. In addition to these, there is another classification, which can be divided into main harnesses and small harnesses, based on the number of parts. Main harnesses include engine harnesses, floor harnesses, instrument panel harnesses, etc., while small harnesses include ceiling harnesses, reversing radar harnesses, and vehicle harnesses.

Composition of automotive wiring harnesses

The so-called wire harness means to bundle various wires with insulation materials, combine different colors and specifications of wires into one, making it more complete and unified, and also safer. The cross-sectional area of the selected conductor is 60% of the actual current-carrying capacity of the conductor for electrical equipment that works for a long time, and 60% to 100% of the actual current-carrying capacity of the conductor for electrical equipment that works for a short time. The cross-sectional area of the selected conductor is based on the load current of the automotive electrical equipment. In order to easily identify the wires in each bundle, different colors and letters representing the color are used. Wire harnesses are generally assembled from plastic parts, terminals, wires, circuit protectors, rubber parts, supports, fasteners, and other accessories (including tapes and sleeves) according to certain process steps. If we make a Pareto chart based on the proportion of raw material costs for wire harnesses, then wire, plastic parts, and terminals are the largest part of the cost. The raw materials for wire harnesses are mainly purchased from outside. The main method of controlling raw material costs is to optimize the raw material costs of wires, plastic parts, and terminals through benchmarking and VAVE methods.

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