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water purifier wiring harness

Water Purifier Wiring Harness

The purifier wire harness produced by Holly Electronics is an electronic wire harness for internal signal transmission of household and commercial drinking water purifiers.

Specifications of Water Purifier Wiring Harness

Product Name

Water purifier internal connection line.


JST XH series products TE dedicated 250, 187 insert spring.


UL1015-20 awg

Line Length

The line length of this wire harness for home appliance is according to customer requirements.

Water Purifier Wiring Harness Features

  • Connector choose TE, MOLEX, JST in line with the international certification of quality materials, such as terminal material for high precision copper material, to ensure good contact performance, especially in high voltage plug part, we choose TE special spring, 250, 187, in close contact with insert, ensure that often does not produce big resistance by large current and no fever on fire; Wire use VDE, UL certification standard electronic cable, ensure the circuit and signal smooth and accurate.

  • Products meet ROHS, REACH and other environmental requirements.

  • As one of the leading cable and harness manufacturers in China, the company can design drawings for customers, material selection, and provide testing solutions, according to customer drawings or samples processing production.

Gallery Of Water Purifier Wiring Harness

gallery of water purifier wiring harnes
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